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The Unified Voice of Georgia’s Film 


New Study Confirms Georgia’s Film Industry
is a Blockbuster Success for the State

GSEC: Promoting, protecting,
and advancing Georgia’s film industry

Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition (GSEC) is the unified voice of the state’s film, TV, and digital entertainment production industry –– a booming economic giant responsible for hundreds of productions, tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in direct spending in Georgia.  


GSEC, founded in 2018, is the go-to resource for industry information for policymakers and elected officials, insight on how policies may impact the industry, and connections to industry leaders. We represent  a diverse membership that ranges from major studios and support services companies to an expanding base of talented crew members and educational programs developing the workforce of the industry’s future.  By including “Screen Entertainment” in our name, we reflect the changing nature of how people consume entertainment. GSEC represents all Georgians who contribute to the industry through film, television, and streaming.

The film, TV, and digital entertainment production industry is an important foundation of Georgia’s economy. GSEC works to keep it growing.


Georgia’s Film Industry
By The Numbers

In FY 2022:

  • 412 Productions

  • 68 significant feature films

  • $4.4 billion spent by productions on goods and services

  • $50 million average production budget

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