The Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition (GSEC) is a statewide advocacy group representing the film, television and digital entertainment industry in Georgia.  An affiliate of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, we work with business leaders, elected officials and other strategic partners to protect and promote the film, television and digital entertainment tax credits that ensure the screen entertainment industry’s continued investment in Georgia.  We seek to:  

  • Serve as the expert resource for elected officials and policymakers as they steward Georgia's successful tax credit program

  • Advocate for legislation and policies that will protect and enhance Georgia's ability to grow as a top film, television, and digital entertainment destination.

  • Increase awareness of the significant economic impact the film, television and digital entertainment industry has on Georgia.

  • Support programming, partnerships and investments that support infrastructure, workforce development and positive business climate in Georgia, all of which are key elements of long-term success for the film, television and digital entertainment industry in our state.


GSEC was formed through collaboration between the largest and most productive Georgia-based film, television, and digital media studios, businesses working to develop the industry infrastructure in our state, and partners that represent Georgia's deep crew base.  We are proud to represent the broad ecosystem of Georgia businesses that contribute to our thriving screen entertainment industry. 

  • Film and television studios

  • Post-production houses

  • The crew base of technicians, artisans & craftspersons

  • E-sports & gaming companies

  • Animation & digital effects companies

  • Game and app development companies

  • Production equipment rental companies

  • Law firms, financial institutions and accounting firms  

  • Utilities & transportation partners

  • Local communities and film commissions

  • Educational partners