As an affiliate of the state’s largest pro-business advocacy organization, the Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition (GSEC) advocates for policies that strengthen infrastructure and support workforce development within the entertainment industry.


In addition, GSEC seeks to educate policymakers and the general public about the tax credits that have made Georgia a very cost-effective and popular location for film, television, and digital media production. GSEC will also serve as a voice and resource for the Georgia-owned and operated local businesses who provide services and products to the industry.

In partnership with our members, supporters and the many businesses that are positively impacted by the film, television and digital entertainment industry in Georgia, GSEC will work with legislators, elected officials and community advocates to ensure long-term viability and success for Georgia’s entertainment industry.

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  • GSEC supports sound tax and economic development policies that ensure Georgia remains globally competitive for screen entertainment production.

  • GSEC supports policies that uphold the stability, predictability and current scope of the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act.         


  • GSEC supports the development of policies which strengthen focused workforce development pipelines that improve labor force readiness, advance career opportunities and promote the long-term viability of Georgia’s screen entertainment industries.

  • GSEC opposes policies or legislation that supports, promotes, or is perceived to encourage or condone, discrimination of any form.

  • Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act: Georgia’s film, television and digital entertainment industry pumps billions of dollars into the state’s economy, spending $4.2 billion with local businesses and communities each year.  Maintaining Georgia’s tax incentive program provides a stable business climate for the industry to support thousands of Georgia jobs and spur immediate economic activity, much as it did following the 2008 recession.  Unlike many industry sectors that will struggle to recover, a worldwide demand for content ensures the industry will experience rapid and significant growth.  Upholding our forward-thinking tax policy will ensure this growth happens in Georgia, where it will create thousands of high-paying jobs, and bring new opportunities and investment to our state.


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