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GSEC supports sound tax and economic development policies that ensure Georgia remains a globally competitive marketplace for screen entertainment production.

GSEC supports policies that grow the development, production and post-production ecosystem of Georgia’s screen entertainment industries across the state.

GSEC supports policies that prioritize the success of Georgia- based entertainment businesses by upholding the competitiveness and long-term stability of the  Georgia Entertainment Investment Act.

GSEC supports policies which strengthen education and workforce development initiatives designed to increase career opportunities for Georgia students, strengthen labor force pipelines, and support the long-term viability of Georgia’s screen entertainment industries.


Join our grassroots network to show your support of Georgia's booming film, television and digital entertainment industry! We'll keep you up-to-date about the key issues that impact Georgia's screen entertainment industry, and let you know when your voice is needed to make sure Georgia remains a world-class hub for production! 

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